Whiteman William

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William Whiteman

Photographer in Hastings & London

William Whiteman (born 1861, Hastings)

William Whiteman was the son of Jane Frances Grout and Edwin Whiteman senior (1834 -1876), a bookseller and stationer (and later a photographer) of Hastings. Edwin Whiteman had married Jane Frances Grout (born c1835 Cambridge) in Cambridge in 1856. For the next four years Edwin and Jane Whiteman lived in Cambridge, where their first two children were born - Edwin Henry Whiteman (born 1857) and Albert Whiteman (born 1859).

By April 1861, Edwin Whiteman senior had returned to Sussex with his wife and two young sons. At the time of the 1861 census, the Whiteman family were living in Hastings, where Edwin had established a bookshop and stationery business. During the Summer of 1861, Mrs Jane Whiteman gave birth to a third son, William Whiteman (birth registered in Hastings during the 3rd Quarter of 1861). Jane gave birth to at least seven more children before her husband died in 1876 - Walter Thomas (born 1863), Jane Lydia (born 1865), twins George and Alfred (born 1870 - sadly Alfred died the following year), Frederick (born 1873) and Frank and Ellen Whiteman (born 1876), another set of twins.

Since around 1868, Edwin Whiteman senior had operated a photographic studio at 52 High Street, Hastings. After the death of Edwin Whiteman senior on 13th October 1876, the studio was run by his widow Mrs Jane Whiteman with the help of her eldest son, Edwin Henry Whiteman (born 1857, Cambridge). Edwin was later assisted in the studio by two of his younger brothers -  William Whiteman (born 1861, Hastings) and Walter Whiteman (born 1863, Hastings).

Towards the end of 1879, eighteen year old William Whiteman, married Martha H. Carly (sometimes spelt "Carley"), the youngest daughter of Martha and George Carly, a baker and confectioner of Hastings & St Leonards. George Carly (c1807-1886) had owned his own baker's shop in at 49 All Saints Road, Hastings since the late 1830s. Martha Harrold Carly (Carley) had been born in Hastings during the 4th Quarter of 1860 and was around nineteen years of age when she married William Whiteman. When the 1881 census was taken, twenty year old Mrs Martha Whiteman was living with her parents and siblings at 8 Stockleigh Road, St Leonards, near Hastings. George Carly (Carley), Martha's seventy-three year old father, gives his occupation as "Confectioner" on the census return, while Martha herself is described as a "Photographer's Wife". William Whiteman, Martha's husband, is recorded at his mother's stationers' shop at 52 High Street, Hastings. Nineteen year old William and his younger brother Walter Whiteman, aged 17, are both listed as photographers.

By the Spring of 1882, William Whiteman and his wife Martha were living at 10 Mann Street, Hastings. Martha gave birth to their first child at this address. The baptism of Victor William Whiteman was recorded in Hastings on 28th May 1882. Their second child, a daughter named Mabel Madeline Whiteman, was born in Hastings during the 1st Quarter of 1884. Around this time, the ownership of the photographic studio at 52 High Street, Hastings passed from Mrs Jane Whiteman to her eldest son Edwin Henry Whiteman. By 1886, William Whiteman had left is brother's employ and found work as a photographer's assistant in London.

[ABOVE] Portrait of  George Whiteman, aged 4, younger brother of William Whiteman. Carte-de-visite by E. Whiteman, Photographer, 52 High Street, Hastings. (c1874). This portrait was probably taken by the boy's father, Edwin Whiteman senior (1834-1876)

Carte-de visite portraits from Whiteman's Hastings Studio

Portrait of a Young Couple. Carte-de-visite by E. Whiteman, Photographer, 52 High Street, Hastings. Negative No. 15855 (c1881). William and Martha Whiteman had married as teenagers in 1879. Back of a carte-de-visite portrait by E. Whiteman, Photographer, 52 High Street, Hastings. Negative No. 14832 (c1880). William Whiteman was employed at Edwin Whiteman's Hastings studio between 1878 and 1885. Portrait of a Boy and Girl. Carte-de-visite by E. Whiteman, Photographer, 52 High Street, Hastings. Negative No. 17322 (c1885). William Whiteman left his brother's studio around the time this photograph was taken.
[ABOVE] Carte-de-visite portraits taken at the photographic studio of  E. Whiteman at 52 High Street, Hastings between 1880 and 1885 when William Whiteman was employed as a photographer by his mother Mrs Jane Whiteman and his eldest brother Edwin Henry Whiteman senior (1857-1917).


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William Whiteman in London

By 1886, William Whiteman, his wife Martha, and their two children were living in the Newington district of Southwark in South London. A son named Albert George Whiteman was born in Newington, Surrey, during the 2nd Quarter of 1886. A year or so later, William Whiteman and his family were residing in Norwood in the London district of Lambeth. Six Whiteman children were born in Lambeth between 1888 and 1897 - William Carly Whiteman (born 1st Qtr 1888), Cecil Frederick Whiteman (born 3rd Qtr 1889), Lilian Martha Whiteman (born 4th Qtr 1890 ), Edith Mary Whiteman (born 2nd Qtr 1893), Winifred Agnes Whiteman (born 4th Qtr 1894) and Bernard Whiteman (born 2nd Qtr 1897).

When the 1891 census was taken, William Whiteman was living with his wife and children at 1 Merredene Street, Norwood in S. W. London. William Whiteman is entered on the census return as a "Photographic Printer". Before the end of 1891, Lilian Martha Whiteman, William and Martha's young daughter died before her first birthday. Ten years later, when the 1901 census was taken, William Whiteman and his family were residing at 122 Hydethorpe Road in Lambeth. William was now working as a "photographic assistant" in a London studio. Around this time William and Martha Whiteman together with their eight surviving children moved to the neighbouring district of Clapham in the London district of Wandsworth. Shortly after their arrival in Clapham, Martha gave birth to her tenth child, George Carly Whiteman, named after her father. [ The birth of George Carly Whiteman was registered in the district of Wandsworth during the First Quarter of 1901 ].

Around 1904, William Whiteman established his own photographic studio in Clapham. Located at 81 Clapham Park Road, Clapham, S.W. London, William Whiteman's studio was known as The Park Studio and was in business for just a few years between 1904 and 1906. This period of William Whiteman's life was also overshadowed by family tragedy. In 1904, William and Martha's son William Carly Whiteman died at the age of sixteen. Early in 1907, William's wife Martha died, aged 47. [The death of Martha Whiteman was registered in the district of Lambeth during the 1st Quarter of 1907]. Martha's death occurred around the same time that William Whiteman was summoned to the County Court in connection with his business debts. At the court hearing on 18th March 1907, William Whiteman's address was given as 68 Solon Road, Clapham.

After the collapse of his photographic business and the death of his first wife, William Whiteman started a new life with Mrs Ellen Southgate. [ William Whiteman married Ellen Southgate in the district of Lambeth during the 4th Quarter of 1907 ]. William's new wife gave birth to a daughter named Nancy Cecilia Whiteman in the district of Croydon during the 2nd Quarter of 1908. After gaining a new daughter, William lost a child when his eldest daughter Mabel Madeline Whiteman died later that year at the age of 24. [The death of Mabel Whiteman was registered in the district of Croydon during the 3rd Quarter of 1908].

Documentary evidence shows that William Whiteman had moved out of Lambeth after his second marriage in 1907 and was living in Croydon between 1908 and 1911. On 3rd January 1910, William's wife gave birth to a daughter named Mabel Helen Whiteman, known to her family as "Madge". At the time of Madge's birth, William and Helen Whiteman were living at School House, Longley Road, Croydon and William gave his occupation as "Photographer".

[ABOVE] William Whiteman (born 1861), active as a photographer in Hastings between 1878 and 1885 and in London from around 1886 until 1907.

[ Photo : Courtesy of Sue Elliott ]


William Whiteman's Family





A William Whiteman 3rd Qtr 1861, Hastings    
B 1) Martha H. Whiteman 4th Qtr 1860, Hastings   died 1st Qtr 1907, aged 47
ab1 Victor William Whiteman bapt. 28th May 1882, Hastings    
ab2 Mabel Madeline Whiteman 1st Qtr 1884, Hastings   died 3rd Qtr 1908, aged 24
ab3 Albert George Whiteman 2nd Quarter of 1886.    
ab4 William Carly Whiteman born 1st Qtr 1888   died 2nd Qtr 1904, aged 16
ab5 Cecil Frederick Whiteman born 3rd Qtr 1889    
ab6 Lilian Martha Whiteman born 4th Qtr 1890   died 4th Qtr 1891, aged 1
ab7  Edith Mary Whiteman born 2nd Qtr 1893    
ab8 Winifred Agnes Whiteman born 4th Qtr 1894    
ab9 Bernard Whiteman born 2nd Qtr 1897    
ab10 George Carly Whiteman born 1st Qtr 1901    
C 2) Ellen Whiteman      
ac1 Nancy Cecilia Whiteman born 2nd Qtr 1908, Croydon    
ac2 Mabel Helen Whiteman (a.k.a. Madge Whiteman) born 3rd January 1910, Croydon    

[ABOVE] The wives and children of William Whiteman (born 1861, Hastings), photographer in Hastings and London


Thanks to David Webb, the London photo-historian, for providing information relating to William Whiteman's photographic career in London as part of the Database of 19th Century Photographers and Allied Trades in London: 1841-1901, featured on the website photoLondon. Thanks also to Sue Elliott, a descendant of William Whiteman through Nancy Cecilia Whiteman, a daughter from William's second marriage. Sue provided the family history information relating to William Whiteman's second wife Mrs Ellen Southgate (nee Robins/Robbins) and kindly provided the portrait of William Whiteman.

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