Kershaw/ Hughes/Simkin Family Album

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Maureen Kershaw's Show Business Scrapbook

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[ABOVE]  A page from Maureen Kershaw's show business scrapbook showing newspaper clippings covering her showbiz career in the second half of 1954. The cuttings, which cover the period August to December 1954, give details of her television debut on a variety show and performance as the Principal Boy in the Christmas pantomime "Aladdin".

[ABOVE]  A publicity portrait of singer Maureen Kershaw, issued in 1958 when she was the regular female vocalist on ABC TV's Sunday night music show "Top Numbers". Maureen Kershaw also sang in the TV show "Oh Boy!", one of the first pop music programmes aimed  at teenagers.












1947 - Beam's Breezy Babes

[ABOVE] A publicity photograph of  Beam's Breezy Babes taken in 1947 to promote their appearance at the Derby Castle Theatre in Douglas, Isle of Man. Maureen Kershaw is standing on the far left of the picture in the back row.

[ABOVE]  A 1947 interview with Peggy Beams, director of Beam's Breezy Babes, when the dancing troupe were in Summer Season at the Derby Castle Theatre in Douglas, Isle of Man.

1952 - Singing Tour in Scotland

[RIGHT] Newspaper articles about  Maureen Kershaw's singing tour of Scotland in 1952. Maureen performed at the Palladium, Edinburgh and the Palace Theatre, Dundee.  [ABOVE & BELOW] Publicity ads published in 'The Performer' in September and December 1952.

1956 - Maureen plays Aladdin in a Christmas Pantomime

1958 - ITV Show "Top Numbers"

[ABOVE and RIGHT] Two newspaper articles about  Maureen Kershaw published in 1958, when she was a regular singer on ABC TV's Sunday night 'Top Numbers' television show. In the interview above, Maureen Kershaw explained why she preferred performing with a string orchestra rather than a dance band.




The 1960s

Maureen Kershaw - Singer of Popular Songs

[ABOVE] Maureen Kershaw singing on stage with a four-piece band during the 1960s.

[ABOVE]  Maureen Kershaw photographed with the popular male singer Dickie Valentine around 1960.  

1964 - Principal Boy in Aladdin

[ABOVE] Maureen Kershaw poses with pop singer Joe Brown for a publicity photograph taken in December 1964  to promote the Christmas pantomime Aladdin at the Granada Theatre, Shrewsbury.
[RIGHT] A newspaper photograph of Maureen Kershaw who was appearing in the Christmas pantomime Aladdin which ran at the Granada Theatre, Shrewsbury from  December 1964 until January 1965.

[ABOVE] The programme for the Christmas pantomime Aladdin, starring the pop singer Joe Brown, which began its run at the Granada Theatre, Shrewsbury, in  December 1964.





Post 1965 - 'Maureen & Michael' Duo

[ABOVE] The singing duo Maureen & Michael pictured in the mid 1960s alongside a newspaper article about Sheffield's night club and cabaret scene.
[ABOVE] Maureen Kershaw and her second husband, actor and singer Michael Collins, then billed as  'Maureen & Michael', dressed in pantomime costume (c1972)

To read a full  account of Maureen Kershaw's show business career, click on the link below:

Maureen Kershaw



 I am grateful to Mrs Maureen Weller (Maureen Kershaw) for providing information on her show business career and for supplying photographs and newspaper cuttings from her showbiz scrapbook.




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