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School Photographs by W. Carl Stackemann of Chichester

Unknown Public School in Sussex (circa 1880)

[ABOVE]  A school group photograph taken by Carl Stackemann of 7 Westgate, Chichester , between 1879 and 1880.

[PHOTO : Courtesy of  West Sussex County Council Library Service]


A Class of Boys at a National School in Bexhill (circa 1880)

[ABOVE]  A school group photograph of  boys at Bexhill National School taken by Carl Stackemann of 7 Westgate, Chichester around 1880. ( If this photograph depicts boys of St Peter's National School in Bexhill the School Master pictured on the left would be John Collins Roberts (born 1836, Coldwaltham, Sussex), who served as the Master of St Peter's National School from 1857 until around 1894). In the centre of the middle row of boys (fourth from the right) is young George Cockett (born 1873, Crowhurst), who would have been aged around eight when this photograph was taken.

[PHOTO : Courtesy of Ron Cresswell]


[ABOVE]  George Cockett (born 1873, Crowhurst, Sussex), a detail from the school photograph.

[PHOTO : Courtesy of Ron Cresswell]

The Cockett Family of Crowhurst

George Cockett, was the second youngest son of the eight surviving children born to Emma and Richard Cockett, Farm Bailiff to Thomas Brassey (1836-1918), Member of Parliament for Hastings and one of the chief landowners in the Bexhill area. Richard Cockett (born c1833) had married Emma Barker (born c1834, Bexhill) in 1856 and after entering the service of Thomas Brassey, M.P., Richard Cockett and his family lived at Sampson's Farm in Crowhurst. Richard Cockett, George Cockett's father, died in 1879 at the age of 46. After his father's death, Alfred Cockett (born 1860, Battle), Richard Cockett's eldest son, was kept on as Farm Bailiff by Thomas Brassey and the Cockett family were allowed to stay on at Sampson's Farm in Crowhurst. The 1881 census records Mrs Emma Cockett, a forty-seven year old widow with eight children, as the Head of Household at Sampson's Farm, Crowhurst. There was a National School in Crowhurst, but Richard Tapner, the Master of Crowhurst School, had died early in 1880, which probably explains why young George Cockett was attending the National School in Bexhill when this photograph was taken. It is possible that George Cockett lodged with relatives in Bexhill during this time, yet by 1881 Crowhurst School had appointed a new Master and George was back living with his mother and seven siblings at Sampson's Farm, Crowhurst. At a later date, George Cockett and his mother  moved to St Leonards-on-Sea, where George worked as a "Railway Cartman".

[ABOVE] Mrs Emma Cockett (born c1834, Bexhill, Sussex), mother of George Cockett.

[PHOTO : Courtesy of Ron Cresswell]


A Class of Girls at Ringmer Board School (circa 1880)

 [ABOVE] A group portrait of the female scholars at Ringmer Board School, together with school master Joseph Hardy, standing on the left of the picture. Ringmer Board School was built in 1879 for 230 pupils and Joseph Hardy (born 1851, Swanage, Dorset) was the first Master of this public elementary school.

[PHOTO: Courtesy of John Kay & Ringmer History Study Group]


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