Tessier Family

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The  Tessier Family

The  Tessier Family by James Russell & Sons (c1877)


The following key is purely hypothetical. If it is, in fact, a group portrait of the Tessier Family, there is no way of definitely knowing that the man with the white side-whiskers is Henry Thomas Lewis Tessier, but he has the appearance of a man in his early sixties. Henry's wife had died in 1873, so the young woman on the left could be one of the Betts sisters, whom Tessier married in the 1870s ( If the photo dates from circa 1877, the young woman could be Bertha and the photo could be a pictorial record of Henry's engagement or marriage). Mrs Kezia Tessier, Henry's mother, lived in Sussex after the death of her husband Louis Alexander Tessier. Mrs Kezia Tessier died in Hastings in 1877, so if she is the elderly woman sitting to the right of the table, the photograph would have been taken before 1877.

BACK ROW (Standing left to right) : Mrs Bertha Florence Tessier (1858-1886) or Mrs Caroline J. Tessier (1849-1876) ; Henry Thomas Lewis (Louis) Tessier (1816-1891) ; Eliza Tessier (born c1838)  ; Henry JosephTessier (1857-1885) ; Martha Elizabeth Long (born c1858)
MIDDLE ROW (Seated left to right) : Louis Edward Tessier (1842-1895) ;  Mrs Ann Tessier (born1848); Kezia JoanTessier (c1795-1877) ; Mr Tessier - cousin of Louis Alexander Tessier ??  ; Mrs Ellen Sachs [nee Tessier] (born 1822)
FRONT ROW (Lying on ground) :

Unknown member of the Tessier Family (e.g. Thomas Ransom Sachs - husband of Ellen Tessier)

The Tessier Family in London

Families with the name Tessier arrived in London from France and Switzerland in the 16th, 17th & 18th centuries. Some sources say that the ancestors of the Tessier jewellers came from Geneva, Switzerland and arrived in England in 1712, others claim that Louis de Tessier (1736-1811) was the founder of Tessier's jewellers and that he was the grandson of Jacques de Teissier [Tessier] (1697-1765), a French Huguenot refugee. Lewis (Louis) Tessier is mentioned in records as having property adjoining Woodcote Park, Epsom, Surrey in 1792.

In 1740, two French Huguenot merchants named Henry (Henri) and James (Jacques) Tessier were in partnership with John Anthony Loubier at Basinghall Street, London. In 1794, the firm of Charles Loubier, Tessier & Co. were listed as "Merchants" at 27 Austin Friars, London.

Between 1828 and 1833, Mr Tessier, a silversmith, was recorded at 13 Portland Street, Soho, London. An 1841 London trade directory lists the firm of Griffin & Tessier, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, at 32 South Audley Street, London. One of the partners in this business was Louis (Lewis) Alexander Tessier (born c1795, London - died after 1861). Around 1815, Louis (Lewis) Alexander Tessier married Kezia Joan Griffin (1795-1877) - possibly a relative of Mr Griffin his business partner - in 1841. Louis and Kezia Tessler had at least seven children, the eldest of whom was Henry Thomas Lewis (Louis) Tessier (born 1816, London).

Henry Thomas Lewis Tessier (1816-1891) married three times. Henry married his first wife, Cecilia Ann Thompson (c1820-1873) on 18th June 1840. Mrs Cecilia Tessier produced at least three children, including Lewis (Louis) Edward Tessier (1841-1895), Henry Joseph Tessier (1856-1885) and Herbert Alexander Tessier (c1859- died after 1911).

By 1851, the firm of Louis Tessier & Sons had established a "Goldsmiths & Jewellers" business at 32 South Audley Street, London. It appears that Louis A. Tessier retired to Avenue Lodge in Ham, near Kingston, Surrey. In the 1870s, the jewellery business at 32 South Audley Street went under the name of Henry Tessier. Henry Thomas Lewis Tessier and his three sons, Lewis, Henry Joseph and Herbert Tessier all worked as jewellers. (A firm of Jewellers named "Tessier" are still in business in New Bond Street and Mayfair today).

Henry Thomas Tessier's first wife Cecilia died in 1873. Over a period of five years, Henry Thomas Tessier married twice. In 1875, Henry Thomas Tessier married Caroline Jennings Betts (born 1849, Stradbroke, Suffolk), the daughter of Maria and the late George Betts (c1825-1874), a Suffolk builder who had settled in Islington. After a year of marriage, Mrs Caroline Tessier died  in 1876 at the age of 28.  A few years later in 1879, Henry Thomas Tessier married Bertha Florence Betts (born 1858, Stradbroke, Suffolk), his late wife's younger sister. Henry was 63, his young bride was aged around twenty. Bertha, Henry's third wife, died in 1886 at the age of 28.


The  Tessier Family

(b1) Louis (Lewis) Alexander TESSIER  [Goldsmith & Jeweller]
born c1795 London
died ?
Married  circa 1815 -
Kezia Joan GRIFFIN (1795-1877)
CHILDREN of Louis Alexander & Kezia TESSIER
(c1.) Henry Thomas Lewis (Louis) TESSIER (born 1816 )
(c2.)  Edward TESSIER (born 1817, Westminster )
(c3.)  Joseph TESSIER (1) (born 1819, Westminster  )
(c4)  Louisa Emma TESSIER (born 1821, London)
(c5.)  Ellen TESSIER (born 1822, Westminster )
(c6.)  Joseph TESSIER (2)  (born 1827, Westminster )
(c7.)  Eliza TESSIER (born c1838, Soho, London )
(c1) Henry Thomas Lewis (Louis) TESSIER  [Jeweller]
baptised 4th February 1816, Holborn -
died 4th December 1891 Hampstead
Married  ( i ) 18th June 1840  -
 [ i ] Cecilia Ann THOMPSON  (c1820-1873)
CHILDREN of Henry & Cecilia TESSIER
(c1.1) Lewis Edward TESSIER (born 1841, London)
(c1.2)  unknown TESSIER children
(c1.3)  Henry Joseph TESSIER (born 1856, London)
(c1.4)  Herbert Alexander TESSIER (born 1859, London)
Married  ( ii ) 1875 Islington
[ iii] Caroline Jennings BETTS (1849-1876)
children ?
Married  ( ii ) 1878 Hendon
[ iii] Bertha Florence BETTS (1858-1886)
    children ?
(c1.3)  Henry Joseph TESSIER
born 7th November 1856, Westminster, London
died 15th June 1885 Hendon
Married  7th August 1879 
Martha Elizabeth LONG (born c1858)
(c1.3a) Henry George L. TESSIER (born 1879, Hampstead)
(c1.3b) Mabel Emily Ethel TESSIER (born 1882/1883, Hampstead)


[ABOVE] Copy of the Marriage Certificate which records the marriage of Mabel Emily Ethel Tessier at Caversham Parish Church on 15th September 1906.

 [ABOVE & BELOW] The announcement of the birth of Henry Joseph Tessier's daughter Mabel Emily Ethel Tessier on 12th December 1882. The birth announcement in The Times was reproduced as a carte-de-visite photograph by the Centaur Photo Co. Bromley.

The Children and Grand Children of Henry Thomas Tessier

At the time of the 1881 census, three of Henry's sons were working as jewellers. In 1866, Henry's eldest son, Lewis Edward Tessier (1841-1895) had married Anne Matilda Norman (born 1848, Clerkenwell). Around 1868, Lewis and Anne Tessier settled in Croydon, Surrey, where his wife gave birth to five of their six children. Henry Joseph Tessier (1856-1885) married Martha Elizabeth Long (born 1858, Wokingham, Berkshire) on 7th August 1879. This union produced two children - Henry George L. Tessier (born 1879, Hampstead) and Mabel Emily Ethel Tessier (born 1882, Hampstead). Henry George Tessier married in the district of Reading in 1906. Henry's sister Mabel married Charles Frederick Harris (born 1881/1883, Caversham, Oxon/Berks) on 15th September 1906 at Caversham.  Herbert Alexander Tessier married Amy Amelia Bishop (born c1860 Marylebone) in 1882. When Herbert Tessier's health declined he and his wife moved from Lewisham to Devon. In 1903, Herbert and Amy Tessier moved into a house called Carrigbawn in Stanley Road, Babbacombe. Herbert's widow made a gift of the land that adjoined her house in Stanley Road to Torbay Town Council in 1933. Tessier Gardens is still used as a public garden to this day.


(c1.1) Lewis Edward TESSIER


 born 8th December 1841, London - died 1895, Croydon, Surrey
Married  6th November 1866  - Anne Matilda NORMAN
  Anne Matilda Norman   born 1848, Clerkenwell, London
(c1.a) Louis Norman TESSIER Commercial Traveller born 1867, Chiswick, Mdx -  -Married 1895, died 1915, Croydon, Surrey
(c1.b) Cecilia Frances TESSIER   born 1868, Croydon, Surrey - Married 1893
(c1.c) Henry Alexander TESSIER   born 1870, Croydon, Surrey - Married 1892
(c1.d) Ernest Edward TESSIER   born 1871,  Croydon, Surrey - Married 1898,
(c1.e) Arthur Norman TESSIER


born 1875 , Croydon, Surrey - Married 1897
(c1.f) Edwin John TESSIER   born 1879, Croydon, Surrey  - Married 1905

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