Hughes /Simkin Family Album

The Hughes/Simkin Family Tree

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Thomas Griffith HUGHES


Elizabeth  Ellen KERSHAW

born 8th October 1880, Stoke Newington, London

died 12th January 1954, London

Thomas Griffith HUGHES

= Elizabeth  Ellen KERSHAW

Married in London District of Hackney during 3rd Quarter of 1917


born 12th August 1893, Hackney, London

died 23rd April 1979, Harlow, Essex




1.  Muriel Millicent HUGHES

2.  John "Jack" James HUGHES

3.  Stella Amelia HUGHES

Muriel Millicent HUGHES

Born 29th July 1914, Hackney, London

Married (1) 26th August 1939, Hackney, London =  John Edward SIMKIN

Married (2) 27th June 1970, Romford, Essex = William Valentine SIMKIN

Died 10th February 2010, Southend, Essex

John "Jack" James HUGHES

Born 11th March 1920, Hackney, London

Married  28th June, 1947, Chingford, Essex =  Eileen CAIN


Stella Amelia HUGHES

Born 5th June 1926, Hackney, London

Married  27th September 1947, Chingford, Essex  =  George H. HUME


Married 1939

Married 1947

Married 1947

John Edward SIMKIN

Eileen CAIN

George H. HUME

John Edward SIMKIN

Born 17th January 1914, London

Died 16th October 1956

Eileen CAIN

Born 7th January 1921


George H. HUME

Born 2nd August 1914

Died 1st June 1996, Harlow


Muriel HUGHES married John Edward SIMKIN

in Hackney, London on 26th August 1939


Children of Muriel & John Edward SIMKIN

1. Patricia Ann SIMKIN born 7th March 1942

2. John Terence SIMKIN born 25 June 1945

3. David Edward SIMKIN born 12th May 1949


1. Patricia Ann SIMKIN

Born 7th March 1942



Born 16th October 1948

1. Keith HUME

Born 16th May 1949


2. John Terence SIMKIN

Born 25 June 1945


2. Gillian HUME

born 18th June 1959


3. David Edward SIMKIN

Born 12th May 1949




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