Chichester Photographers (M)

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Professional Photographers in Chichester (M part two)

Walter Noah Malby - W. P. Marsh - Edward McBeath - William Mears - Arthur H. Morey


Walter Noah MALBY ( born c1858, London - died 1892, Chichester, Sussex )

Photographer active in Chichester between 1880 and 1892 -

Walter Noah Malby was born in London around 1858, probably the eldest son of Walter Malby senior (born c1832, London, Middlesex), a London photographer. In 1879, Walter N. Malby, then aged about twenty-one, married Agnes Henrietta Gray ( born 1859, Littlehampton ). Around 1880, Walter Noah Malby established a photographic studio at No 68 East Street, Chichester. He styled himself as an "Artist and Photographer" and in addition to producing  photographic portraits and views, he also executed pictures in oil paints, water-colour and crayons.

Walter Noah Malby died at his house in North Pallant, Chichester on 10th September 1892, when he was in his mid-thirties. Mrs. Agnes Malby, Walter's widow, took over the running of the studio at 68 East Street, but around 1894 she sold the East Street studio to Charles Hugh Barden (born 1862, London), a portrait and landscape photographer.

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Walter Noah Malby (1858-1892)


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Walter MALBY senior (born c1832, London, Middlesex)


William Pankhurst MARSH (1850-1918)

Photographer active in Chichester between 1874-1875 and from 1905 to 1918 -

William Pankhurst Marsh was born in Dover, Kent, on 9th October 1850. He trained as a photographer under Oliver Sarony (1820-1879) at the studio of Sarony & Co. in Scarborough. After his marriage to Margaret Jane Sinclair ( born c1851, Ashford , Kent ) in 1872, William Marsh settled in Chichester. For a few years between 1874 and 1875, Marsh worked as a photographer for Russell & Sons. In 1875, Marsh left Chichester to set up his own studio in Bognor. Around 1905, after a long and successful career in Bognor, William P. Marsh moved back to Chichester with his wife and son and set up a studio at 39 Southgate, Chichester. By 1907, William P. Marsh had brought his son William Lindsley Marsh (c1884-1915) into the business on an equal footing. From around this date the studio at 39 Southgate, Chichester went under the name of W. P. Marsh & Son. At the end of 1915, William Marsh junior, W. P. Marsh's only son, died from an illness at the age of 31. William Pankhurst Marsh died at his home in Chichester a couple of years later on 18th March 1918 at the age of sixty-seven.

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William Pankhurst Marsh (1850-1918)

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Edward H. McBEATH (1874-1895)

Edward Home McBeath was born around 1874 either in the East Indies (as given in the 1881 census return) or, more likely, in Nowshera ( Naushahra) in the North West Frontier of India (now Pakistan), where his father a professional soldier was stationed between 1872 and 1875. Edward McBeath was the second son of John Home McBeath senior ( born c1836, Rochester, Kent - died 1888, Rumbolds Wyke, Sussex), a professional soldier, and Louisa Dexter ( born 1848, Chelsea, Middlesex ), an artist and painter. John Home McBeath married Louisa Dexter in Chelsea in the March Quarter of 1871, before setting off for India with his regiment. The couple's first child, John McBeath junior was born at Nowshera on 7th June 1872 . Edward Home McBeath, their second son was born a couple of years later, around 1874. The McBeath family returned to England when John McBeath's spell of duty in India came to an end. John Home McBeath senior retired from the Army and settled in Rumbolds Wyke, near Chichester, West Sussex. At the time of the 1881 census, John and Louisa McBeath were living in a private house in Rumbolds Wyke with their two children, John junior, aged 8, and six year old Edward. John McBeath is described as a "Chelsea Pensioner", aged 45.

 John McBeath senior died at Rumbolds Wyke in 1888 at the age of 52. Around 1890, his widow, Mrs Louisa McBeath, and her two sons moved to Chichester, where she established herself  as a Teacher of Music at a house in the Hornet. Around 1894, the twenty year old Edward McBeath set himself up as a photographer at 31 Hornet, Chichester. Sadly, Edward McBeath's photographic career was very brief as he died in Chichester a year later in the September Quarter of 1895. Edward's mother, re-married at the end of 1896, becoming the wife of William Holder. His brother John McBeath junior went to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he married Edith Hayes on 10th July 1902. John McBeath junior died on 20th September 1919.


William MEARS (1845

William Mears was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1845



Arthur H. MOREY



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