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Directory of Photographic Studios in Horsham


Name of Photographer or Studio

Business Address (or residence)


LLOYD James       notes & examples   West Street, HORSHAM c1862
LONDON & COUNTIES STUDIO (see LYLE) notes   41 West Street, HORSHAM 1910-1927
LYLE  Arthur          notes & examples   41 West Street, HORSHAM  (LONDON & COUNTIES STUDIO) 1910-1927
M / N / O    
P / Q    
PADWICK  Henry junior   (amateur)  notes & examples   RESIDENCE : Wimblehurst, Horsham ( Barrister & J.P. ) 1860s
PARSLEY,  W.      notes & examples  25 West Street, HORSHAM c1868
PIERRE  Louis Cesar notes & examples  30 North Street, HORSHAM 1889-1890
 6 Milthorpe Terrace, Crawley Road, Roffey, HORSHAM 1891-1899
PRICE  Sidney  48 West Street, HORSHAM    ( Stationer & Printer) 1869-1880
ROBINSON  Thomas S.       notes & examples  4 Denne Parade, East Street, HORSHAM 1878-1880
   1 Park Terrace West, HORSHAM 1881-1882
RUSSELL'S  PHOTOGRAPHIC  ROOMS notes & examples  West Street, HORSHAM 1861
SALMON  Herbert    notes & examples  50 North Street, HORSHAM 1907-1909
TATE  William Henry Gilbert   notes & examples  South Street, HORSHAM 1870
U / V    
WALLER  William J.  notes & examples  50 North Street, HORSHAM 1910+
WALTON  Edward   notes & examples  30 North Street, HORSHAM 1903-1904
   50 North Street, HORSHAM 1904-1905
WHEELER  John   notes & examples  44  North Street, HORSHAM 1896-1899
   50 North Street, HORSHAM 1899-1903
   4  North Street, HORSHAM 1903-1911


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The names in green were supplied by workers at Horsham Museum from information provided by local trade directories. Although these persons listed in green do not appear to have been full-time professional photographers, their businesses were involved in photography in some form. For instance, as chemists, Herbert Brassington and Robert Gallier supplied photographic materials and apparatus. It is not surprising that optician Edmund Fry had an interest in cameras. It is possible that the individuals listed in green also produced photographs on a semi-professional basis and I would be interested to view any examples which carry their names.

Thomas Honywood and Henry Padwick junior were not professional photographers but they were keen amateurs who produced significant photographs in Horsham in the 1850s and 1860s.

I am grateful to Jeremy Knight, Curator and Heritage Officer at Horsham Museum, for providing details of the years of activity for these additional names.

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