Horsham Photographers : L- T

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Professional Photographers in Horsham  ( L - T ) Part One

James Lloyd - Arthur Lyle - Henry Padwick junior - W. Parsley - Louis C. Pierre - Arthur Piper - T. S. Robinson - Russell's - Herbert Salmon - W. H. G. Tate

James LLOYD ( born 1837, Horsham, Sussex )

Active as a Photographer in Horsham, between 1862 and 1865.

James Lloyd

James Lloyd was born in Horsham in 1837, the son of James and Jemima Lloyd. His baptism was recorded on 12th March 1837. James Lloyd married sometime around 1859 and in the Summer of 1860, his wife Fanny gave birth to a daughter named Sarah Alice Lloyd. A second daughter, Kate, was born in 1862, and a third, Mary Ann, known as "Annie", arrived in 1865.

By the time of the 1861 Census, James Lloyd was working as a watchmaker in Horsham's West Street. Sources indicate that Lloyd ran his watch-making business in West Street, Horsham until around 1866.

The first piece of evidence I had that James Lloyd took photographic portraits in Horsham, was a carte-de-visite portraying a mother and her two children, with a dog at her feet ( see illustration at bottom right ). On the back of the cdv portrait is a trade plate, which reads "Photographed by Lloyd, West Street, Horsham." ( see illustration at right )

James Lloyd lived and worked in West Street, Horsham for about six years. By 1867, James Lloyd and his family had moved to Hounslow, Middlesex, where his son Percy was born.

 In 1881, James Lloyd was running the Post Office at Albury, a village near Guildford, Surrey. James Lloyd was assisted in the Post Office by his wife Fanny, who served as his clerk. The 1881 Census return shows that James Lloyd was living with his family at the Village Post Office in Albury and that he combined his Postmaster duties with his established craft of watch-making.

In the census of 1901, James Lloyd is recorded as a "Watchmaker", aged 63, living in Shalford, Surrey. James Lloyd's son, Percy, was still living in Albury in 1901. Interestingly, Percy Lloyd, now aged thirty-four, gives his occupation as "Stationer" and "Photographer", which suggests his father may have kept up his interest in photography and passed on his skills to his son.


[ABOVE] The western end of West Street, Horsham (c1870)


[ABOVE ] The trade plate of James Lloyd of West Street, Horsham.

[ABOVE ] A group portrait of a mother and her two children, a carte-de-visite by James Lloyd of West Street, Horsham (c1865).


[ABOVE ] The trade plate of James Lloyd of West Street, Horsham taken from the reverse of a carte-de-visite (c1865).

[ABOVE ] A portrait of an unknown woman, a carte-de-visite photograph by James Lloyd of West Street, Horsham (c1865).


Arthur LYLE (1876-1934)

Active as a Photographer in Horsham from 1910 to 1927.

Arthur Lyle was born in Stratton, Cornwall, in 1876. [The birth of Arthur John Lyle was registered in the Stratton district of Cornwall during the 2nd Quarter of 1876]. In 1898, Arthur Lyle married Louisa Annie Jary (born 1875, Lowestoft, Suffolk), the daughter of Ann and George Jary, a customs officer. At the time of the 1901 census, Arthur Lyle was working as a "draper & outfitter" in the Hackney district of London.

By 1910, Arthur and Louisa Lyle had moved to Horsham in West Sussex. Arthur Lyle acquired the well established photographic studio at 41 West Street, Horsham and set himself up as a professional photographer in the town. Arthur Lyle is listed in local trade directories as a photographer at 41 West Street, Horsham from 1911 to 1927.

1911 Census: 41 West Street, Horsham,  Sussex






Arthur Lyle




Stratton, Cornwall
Louisa Lyle



  Lowestoft, Suffolk
Robert Naish

Adopted Son


  East Ham, London
Annie Naish



Photograph Retoucher Wallingford, Berks.
[ABOVE] Arthur Lyle recorded as a "Photographer" at 41 West Street, Horsham on the 1911 census. It appears that Arthur Lyle and his wife adopted his assistant's son.

In Kelly's Directory of 1918, Arthur Lyle is shown as having two studios in Horsham, one at 41 West Street, the other at 18 Carfax. Lyle's photographic studio in Horsham also went under the name of the London & Counties Studio. An official photograph of the Sussex County Cricket Team was published by the London & Counties Studio of Horsham in 1913.

Arthur John Lyle died in Horsham in 1934 at the age of fifty-eight. [Death registered in the district of Horsham during the First Quarter of 1934].

[ABOVE] A mother and her child in a postcard portrait produced by Arthur Lyle at the London & Counties Studio at 41 West Street, Horsham (c1918).

[LEFT] The photographer's credit London & Counties Studio (A. Lyle, Proprietor) printed on the reverse of the post card illustrated above.


Henry PADWICK junior (1828-1916) - amateur photographer in Horsham during the 1860s

[ABOVE ] A portrait of Henry Padwick junior (1828-1916), an amateur photographer in Horsham during the 1860s.

[ABOVE ] Henry Padwick junior and  Henry Padwick senior listed together as private residents in Horsham in the 1866 edition of  Kelly's Post Office Directory of Sussex .

Henry Padwick junior was the son of the notorious Henry Padwick senior (1804-1879), a Horsham solicitor who turned to money-lending and was implicated in charges of political corruption in the 1840s. Henry Padwick senior was a young attorney when he married Susan Chasemore, the daughter of Susan and Philip Chasemore, a wealthy Horsham butcher. Henry Padwick junior was born in 1828 and baptised at Horsham on 5th November 1828. Like his father, Henry Padwick junior studied law and trained as a barrister, but because of the fortune amassed by his father he never had to pursue a career in law.

In the early 1860s, Henry Padwick junior became interested in photography. In 1862, Henry Padwick junior took a series of photographs of St Mary's Church, Horsham.

On 24th September 1862, Henry Padwick junior married Jane Eleanor Chevall Tooke (born c1842, Brighton), the daughter of Charles Chevall Tooke, a magistrate of Hurston Clays, East Grinstead. Henry and Jane Padwick set up home at Hawthorn House, Horsham and over the next 15 years Henry's wife gave birth to six sons. The couple's first child, Henry Charles Padwick, was born early in 1863 and baptised in Horsham on 19th January 1863. A second son, Francis George Padwick was born in Horsham on 31st August 1865. Three more sons followed - Edward Padwick who was born in Horsham during the 4th Quarter of 1868, Arthur Padwick who was baptised in Horsham on 10th April 1871 and John Cayley Padwick, who was baptised in Horsham on 20th March 1873. Henry and Jane Padwick's youngest son, Philip Hugh Padwick was born in 1876.

By 1878, Henry Padwick junior had acquired 'Wimblehurst', a large house described as "a very elegant mansion in the pure Italian style of architecture". In 1879, Henry Padwick's father died and so he inherited his father's fortune. The 1881 census records Henry Padwick junior and his family residing at Wimblehurst, Horsham. Henry Padwick is described in the census return as "J. P. for Sussex, Barrister not in practise", aged 52. At the time of the 1881 census, his widowed mother occupied the Manor House in Horsham's Causeway. In the census return Henry's mother declared that she was living on the income from "Land & Houses". After Mrs Susan Padwick died in 1886, at the age of 83, her son Henry, together with his wife and sons moved into the Manor House at 32 Causeway, Horsham.

Two of Henry Padwick's sons became artists. Eighteen year old Henry Charles Padwick was described as an "Artist" in the 1881 census return and Philip H. Padwick  is recorded as an "Artist Painter" in Fittleworth in 1901. As Henry Padwick's heir, Henry Charles Padwick did not establish a career as an artist, but Philip Hugh Padwick (1876-1958) did become a professional landscape painter. An oil painting by Philip Padwick entitled "View near Pulborough" is held in the collection of Brighton Art Gallery.

Henry Padwick junior died in Horsham in 1916, aged 87.


Photographs by Henry Padwick junior (Photographs: Courtesy of Horsham Museum)

[ABOVE] A photographic portrait of Henry Padwick's father, Henry Padwick senior (1804-1879), lawyer and financial speculator.

Henry Padwick junior (1828-1916)

[ABOVE] A photographic portrait of Henry Padwick's wife, Jane Eleanor Chevall Tooke (c1842-1923).

[ABOVE] A photograph by Henry Padwick junior, showing  the nave of St Mary's Church, Horsham before its restoration in 1864-65. 

[ABOVE] St Mary the Virgin, the parish church of Horsham, photographed by Henry Padwick junior around 1863. Henry Padwick junior took a number of photographs of the exterior and interior of St Mary's Church before its extensive restoration in 1864-65.  Henry Padwick junior took photographs of the the chancel, the nave (see left) and some of the tombs and monuments inside the church. Padwick's photographs are an important historical record of how the church looked before the restoration work.

[ABOVE] The tomb of Thomas de Braose in St Mary's Church, Horsham, photographed by Henry Padwick junior around 1863.


I am grateful to Andrew Belsey for alerting me to the fact that Henry Padwick junior and his wife Jane Eleanor Chevall Tooke produced a total of six sons - (1) Henry Charles Padwick, born 1863, (2) Francis George Padwick born 1865, (3) Edward Douglas Padwick, born 1868 - baptised 7th February 1869, (4) Arthur Padwick, born 1871, (5) John Cayley Padwick, born 1873, and (6) Philip Hugh Padwick  born 1876. Edward Douglas Padwick and Arthur Padwick both became Tea Planters. Arthur Padwick was a Tea Planter in Ceylon, where it is reported he died of a fever. Arthur Padwick is buried in the graveyard of Holy Trinity Church, Nuwara Eliya, Ceylon (Sri Lanka). John Cayley Padwick qualified as a surgeon and in 1913 he is recorded as a Surgeon and Medical Officer to the Bridgnorth Union and the Rural District Council in Shropshire. Philip Hugh Padwick (1876-1958) became a professional landscape artist, painting scenes around Arundel, Clymping, Pulborough, Rye, Winchelsea and other places in Sussex. Philip Hugh Padwick was based in the West Sussex village of Fittleworth.

Andrew Belsey was able to provide further information on Francis George Padwick, Henry Padwick's second son. Born in Horsham on 31st August 1865, Francis George Padwick was educated at Marlborough College and studied for his BA degree at Trinity College, Cambridge. A keen sportsman, Francis Padwick played cricket for teams at Marlborough College and in Rochdale. Surprisingly, given his social background, Francis Padwick pursued a business career in manufacturing. In the 1890s, Francis G. Padwick was a woollen textile manufacturer and a Director of Kelsall & Kemp, a company which owned woollen mills in Rochdale. In the 1901 census, Francis G. Padwick is described as a thirty-five year old "Flannel Manufacturer" in Rochdale. On 11th December 1897, Francis George Padwick married Annie Grace Wilson, the daughter of Canon James Maurice Wilson, a clergyman in Rochdale. A daughter named Joan Moore Padwick was born in Horsham in 1899. A second daughter Margaret Padwick was born in Horsham in 1901. A son named John Padwick was born around 1905. Eventually, Francis G. Padwick settled in Petersfield, Hampshire, where he served as a Justice of the Peace. Francis George Padwick died in Petersfield, Hampshire, on 24th November 1942, at the age of 77.



Active as a Photographer in Horsham around 1868.

[ABOVE ] The trade plate of W. Parsley of 25 West Street, Horsham.

The carte-de-visite portrait illustrated on the right is the only evidence I have that W. Parsley worked as a photographer in Horsham. W. Parsley worked from a studio at 25 West Street, Horsham. The photographer may have been related to Mrs Jane Parsley, who ran a baby linen warehouse in Horsham's West Street around 1867.





[ABOVE ] A  portrait of a young woman, a carte-de-visite photograph by W. Parsley of 25 West Street, Horsham (c1868).

Louis Cesar PIERRE ( born 1860, Brighton )

Active as a Photographer in Brighton in the 1880s and in Roffey, near Horsham, between 1891 and 1899.

 For an account of the life and career of Louis Cesar Pierre click on the link below :

Louis Cesar PIERRE

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