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Directory of Photographic Studios in Eastbourne 1858-1910

Name of Photographer or Studio

Business Address (or residence)


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BIJOU PORTRAIT STUDIO  (Marcus PARBY / PARRY / PERRY) * 6 Central Buildings, Seaside Road  EASTBOURNE 1910 +
BOURNE  Frederick A      notes &examples                          * Rembrandt Studio, 10 Langney Road  EASTBOURNE 1894
  Rembrandt Studio, 19 Langney Road  EASTBOURNE     1894 - 1910 +
BRIGGS  Herbert G 81 Terminus Road  EASTBOURNE        ( to WESTON & SON 1894 ) 1893
( 13 Bedford Grove EASTBOURNE ) 1901
BROTHWELL  William G. 5 Motcombe Lane   (Photographer for SAUNDERSON 1901) 1909
BROWNE  Henry R. 1 Cornfield Road  EASTBOURNE 1894 - 1910
CAIN   Charles (Beach Photographer) Stand No. 4, Marine Parade,  EASTBOURNE 1894
  ( 5 Compton Terrace, Taddington Road )  EASTBOURNE 1901
CAPLETON & CO 11 Colonnade  EASTBOURNE 1882
CATFORD J. S. & SON (James S. CATFORD )   Millais House, 49 Terminus Road   EASTBOURNE    (to  A. PESTEL 1896) 1894 - 1895
CAVENDISH STUDIO (MANAGER: F J CUMMING)             * 1a Cavendish Place  EASTBOURNE 1905 - 1910
CHURCHILL  George      notes  & examples                                                4 Cornfield Road  EASTBOURNE     ( to RAMSDEN 1900 ) 1870 - 1900
  18 Seaside Road  EASTBOURNE   1884 - 1899
CHURCHILL  Harry H. 4 Cornfield Road  EASTBOURNE      [from LAMONT 1908]    1908 - 1910 +
CLARK  Charles Mayne 26 Pevensey Road  EASTBOURNE [from HEROLD 1899] ( to USA Portait 1903) 1900 - 1903
COOPER  Frederick C. 18 Elms Buildings, Seaside Road  EASTBOURNE     1908 - 1910 +
CORDREY  Clement & Walter                                         * 67 Grove Road  EASTBOURNE      [from ATKINSON 1898 ]    (to BEATTIE 1905) 1899 - 1905
COX   Frederick J 56 Terminus Road



1906 -1910

* examples in photograph collection

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[ABOVE] Three generations of an Eastbourne fishermen family photographed on Marine Parade around 1870. George Hide senior, on the left, sitting alongside his three sons and a grandson.

The Fishermen of Eastbourne  by Ted Hide

Ted Hide, the author of The Pleasure Boatmen of Eastbourne, has written a definitive history of the fishermen of Eastbourne, spanning  from the middle of the 18th century until the end of the 20th century. Drawing on a wide range of primary sources, including newspaper articles, watch committee minutes, census returns and other official records, Ted Hide, who is descended from a long line of Eastbourne fishermen, provides a highly detailed and knowledgeable account of the fishing community of Eastbourne. Packed with hundreds of illustrations, The Fishermen of Eastbourne is essential reading for anyone interested in Eastbourne and the fishing families that played such an important role in its history.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of The Fishermen of Eastbourne by Ted Hide, please send an e-mail via the Sussex PhotoHistory website.  david@photohistory-sussex.co.uk

The Fishermen of Eastbourne by Ted Hide. 388 pages, hundreds of illustrations. Published by SB Publications (2009).  15.99 [ ISBN 978 185770 352 8 ]

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