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The Hughes/Simkin Family Tree

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The Family of John Hughes of Flintshire

[ABOVE] A studio portrait of John Hughes (born c1845, Nannerch, Flintshire), photographed at Williams' Pioneer Studios at 82 Seven Sisters Road, London, around 1915. Ernest Williams, the founder of Williams' Pioneer Studios established a new studio at 210 High Street, Stoke Newington, London N16, around 1917. In this studio portrait, John Hughes, a blacksmith and farrier, poses with samples of his trade.

John Hughes was born around 1845 in Flintshire, North Wales. The transcript of the 1911 census, gives John Hughes' place of birth as "Namarsh", which is probably a misspelling of Nannerch, the name of a Flintshire village.

Throughout his adult life, John Hughes worked as a farrier and blacksmith.

Around 1868, John Hughes married a young Welsh woman named Margaret (born c1844, Wales). Shortly after their marriage, John Hughes and his wife left North Wales and travelled to London, where they set up home. By the Spring of 1870, John and Margaret Hughes were living in Islington, North London, where their first child Hugh William Hughes was born during the 2nd Quarter of 1870. When John and Margaret's second child arrived, the family were residing in the Stoke Newington district of Hackney. William Hughes, the couple's second son, was born in Stoke Newington in 1872. A third child, a daughter named Elizabeth Jane Hughes was born in Stoke Newington during the last quarter of 1873. John Humphrey Hughes, the third son and fourth child of John and Margaret Hughes, was born in Stoke Newington during the 2nd Quarter of 1879. Thomas Griffiths Hughes, my grandfather, was born in Stoke Newington on 8th October 1880.

At the time of the 1881 census, John Hughes and his family were living at 4 Lansell Street, south of Church Street, Stoke Newington, London. John Hughes is described on the 1881 census return as a thirty-six year old "Smith & Farrier".

There were to be two more additions to the Hughes Family. Edward Samuel Hughes was born in Stoke Newington during the First Quarter of 1882. Joseph Alfred Hughes, the last child born to John and Margaret Hughes, arrived during the 4th Quarter of 1883.

When the 1901 census was taken, John Hughes was still working as a "Smith & Farrier". One of his sons, John Hughes junior, had followed in his father's footsteps and was recorded on the census return as a twenty-one year old "Farrier". Of the remaining sons, twenty-eight year old William Hughes and twenty year old Thomas Griffiths Hughes were employed as mercantile clerks. John and Margaret's eldest son, thirty year old Hugh William Hughes, was working as a "warehouseman" .Before the end of the year Elizabeth Jane Hughes, the only girl in the family, married Alexander Jacob, an advertising agent from the City of London. [ The marriage of Elizabeth Jane Hughes and Alexander Jacob was registered in the district of Hackney during the 4th Quarter of 1901].

Margaret Hughes, John Hughes's wife, died towards the end of 1902, at the age of 58. When the 1911 census was taken, John Hughes, described as a sixty-six year old widower of no occupation, was recorded at 46 Morley Avenue, Noel Park, Wood Green, the home of his married daughter Mrs Elizabeth Jacob and her husband Alexander Jacob. By this date, Alexander and Elizabeth Jacob had three children - Edna, aged 7, John, aged 5 and two year old Vera.







Born 1845, Nannerch, Flintshire, N. Wales.



= Margaret

Married circa 1868



born c1844, Towyer, Wales

died 1902, Stoke Newington







1.  Hugh William HUGHES

2. William HUGHES

3. Elizabeth Jane HUGHES

4.  John Humphrey HUGHES

(born 1870, Islington, London)


(born 1872, Stoke Newington, London)


(born 1873, Stoke Newington, London)


(born 1879, Stoke Newington, London)


5.Thomas Griffith HUGHES

6. Edward Samuel HUGHES

7. Joseph Alfred HUGHES

Born 8th October 1880, Stoke Newington, London


Died 12th January 1954

(born 1882, Stoke Newington, London)


(born 1883, Stoke Newington, London)





Married 1917


(1) Married 1905

 Elizabeth Ellen KERSHAW


Eliza Jane MASSEY


 Elizabeth Ellen KERSHAW


Eliza Jane MASSEY


Born c1874, Wolverton, Buckinghamshire

(born 12th August 1893, Hackney, London)


Died 1931,Stoke Newington, London



[ABOVE] Thomas Griffiths Hughes (1880- 1954) and his wife Elizabeth Ellen ('Nell') Hughes (1893-1979), photographed at Southend Kursaal in 1939.   [ABOVE] Joseph Alfred Hughes (born 1883, Hackney) and his wife Eliza Jane, known affectionately as "Li-Lee". This portrait was photographed at one of the branches of Boyde's Studios Ltd, possibly the one at Southend-on-Sea. (c1917)

 Joseph Alfred HUGHES = Eliza Jane MASSEY

Thomas Griffith HUGHES    = Elizabeth Ellen KERSHAW




George William HUGHES

Kathleen HUGHES

Richard HUGHES

Born 1908, Dalston, London

Born circa 1914, London

Children of Elizabeth and Thomas Griffith HUGHES

1. Muriel Millicent HUGHES

2. John "Jack" James HUGHES

3. Stella Amelia HUGHES

Born 29th July 1914, Hackney, London Born 11th March 1920, Hackney, London Born 5th June 1926, Hackney, London

The Hughes/Simkin Family Tree

Joseph Alfred HUGHES

(2) Married 1934

Jessie GAYES

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