The Treweek Family

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The Origin of the Surname 'Treweek'

The surname 'Treweek' probably originates from the British county of Cornwall in South-West England.The Cornish surname probably derives from the place name 'Trewyk' in the Stithians area of Cornwall. 'Treweek' (which can take the form of  'Trewick', 'Treweeke'', 'Trewecke'  and a host of other other variations) is also recorded as an early surname in Northumberland, where there is a place called 'Trewick'. (e.g. 'Marjer de Trewyk' is recorded in a document dated 1275).

The TREWEEK FAMILY probably originated from Cornwall (or possibly even the Scilly Isles). Matthias Treweek married Elizabeth Tregarthen on the Isles of Scilly in May 1728.  Yet another 'Matthias Treweek' is recorded in the 'Scilly Islands' in 1780. Matthias Treweek's son, William Treweek, was baptised on the Scilly Islands on 26th May 1780.  A married couple, John Treweek and his wife, Ann, were living in the 'Scilly Islands' in the 1770s. Joseph Treweek, son of Margaret and Samuel Treweek was baptised at Breage, Cornwall, in January 1737. A woman  named Amelia Treweek married a man named John Job at Gwennap, near Redruth in Cornwall in December 1804.


Matthias TREWEEK (The First)

Lived in the Rotherhithe district of London in the early 19th Century.










born c1804, Bermondsey

died 1864, St. Luke's, London

Recorded as a 'Goldsmith' and a 'Watercress Seller'

'John Treweek', son of Agnes and Matthias Treweek was baptised at St Mary's Church, Rotherhithe on 5th June, 1803.





born c1805, Clerkenwell

died 1890, Stepney, London


[ABOVE] A Goldsmith's Shop (c1825). John Treweek (born c.1804) is recorded as a 'Goldsmith' in the 1841 Census. In 1841, John Treweek was residing in Princes Court, St. Luke's, London.


  Matthias TREWEEK (Senior)             

        Agnes TREWEEK



born c1832, Clerkenwell, London

born c1834, Clerkenwell, London

born 1838, London

born 1841, St. Luke's, London

born 1844, St. Luke's, London


T1a. Matthias TREWEEK (Senior)

born c1834, Clerkenwell, London

died 1877, Bethnal Green, London

Recorded as a 'Carman'




Mathias TREWEEK (Senior)


Elizabeth E. JOHNSON


Mathias TREWEEK (Senior)


Margaret I. STUART

Married in 1866 in Bethnal Green, East London

1st Wife: Elizabeth Ellen JOHNSON

born c1836, City of London

died circa 1864, Mile End, London

2nd Wife: S1a. Margaret Isabella STUART

born c1843, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland

died 1918, Mile End, London (as Mrs Margaret I. Plested)

T2b1. Amelia Treweek

T2b2. Mathias Treweek (jnr)

T2b3. Andrew C. Treweek

T2b4. Margaret A. Treweek T2b5. George  Treweek T2b6. William J. Treweek

born 1860, Limehouse

born 1862, St. Luke's, London

born 1868, Stepney, E. London

born 1870, Stepney, E. London

born 1872, Bethnal Green

born 1874, Bethnal Green


[ABOVE]  'A City Thoroughfare' an illustration by Gustave Dore' from the book 'London: A Pilgrimage' (1872). Dore depicts a number of 'carmen' driving their horse-drawn vehicles through a narrow London street. Matthias Treweek senior (c1834-1877) worked as a 'carman' in London. His son Mathias Treweek junior (1862-1937) also worked as a 'carman' in London.

T2b2. Mathias TREWEEK

born 1862, St Luke's, London

died 1937, Bethnal Green, London






Amelia DIX




Married 2nd November 1890 at Trinity Church, Stepney, East London


D1a. Amelia DIX

born 1866, Limehouse, London

died 1933, Bethnal Green, London

1891 Census: 'Carman'   Daughter of Christopher Dix ('Pilot')
1901 Census: 'Carman' ('worker')   1890 Marriage Certificate: 'Tailoress'
1911 Census: 'Carter' (General Carrier)    

1.  John TREWEEK

2. Christopher Henry TREWEEK

3. Amelia Margaret TREWEEK

4.  Elizabeth May TREWEEK

5. Louisa Victoria TREWEEK

6. Mathias TREWEEK

born 1887, Mile End, London
died 3rd April 1917, France

born 1888, Mile End, London

died 1971, Hackney, London

born 1891, Mile End, London

   died 1984, Redbridge, Essex

born 1893, Bethnal Green

died 1966, Fylde, Lancashire

born 1895, Bethnal Green, London

died 1895, Bethnal Green, London

born 1896, Bethnal Green
died 1947, King's Lynn

7. Florence Maud TREWEEK

8.  Joseph TREWEEK

9. James Richard TREWEEK

10. Edward William TREWEEK

11. Gertrude Agnes TREWEEK

born 1899, Bethnal Green

died 1967, Warrington, Lancs

born 1901, Bethnal Green, London

died 1902, Bethnal Green, London

born 1903, Bethnal Green, London

died 1972, Barking, Essex

born 1906, Bethnal Green, London

died 1906, Mile End, London

born 1908, Mile End, London


Christopher Henry TREWEEK

born 5th November 1888, Mile End, London

died 1971, Hackney, London



Christopher Henry TREWEEK




Married 25th December 1912 at St Anthony's Church, Stepney, East London

In 1911, 22 year old Christopher Trewick was employed as a 'Cardboard Box Cutter'. At the time of the 1911 Census, Emma Ann Kershaw was working as 'Packer' in a Chemical Factory.


born 6th December 1891, Hackney, London

died 1975, Stoke Newington, London




Christopher TREWEEK
born 1913, Bethnal Green, London

Winifred H. TREWEEK

born 1915, Bethnal Green, London
Married George Logsdon (born 1913) in Bethnal Green, London, in 1937


born 1917, Bethnal Green, London

Florence H. TREWEEK

born 1920, Bethnal Green, London

Beatrice E. TREWEEK

born 1922, Bethnal Green, London


born 1926, Bethnal Green, London


Family Photographs of the Treweek Family

[ABOVE] Mrs Emma Treweek (1891-1975) and her husband Christopher Henry Treweek (1888-1971) captured in a novelty seaside postcard dating from the 1930s.




Thanks to Karen Wilkinson for providing the photograph of Albert Treweek. Karen is Albert Treweek's grand-daughter. I am grateful to Stella Hume for supplying the portraits of Christopher Henry Treweek and Emma Ann Kershaw. Stella Hume is the daughter of Elizabeth Hughes (formerly Kershaw), a younger sister of Emma Ann Kershaw.


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