Winnie Treweek and George Logsdon

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[ABOVE] George Logsdon and his fiancée Winnie Treweek posing on a the remains of a tree photographed by Ted Simkin (c1937). [ABOVE] George Logsdon and his wife Winnie Logsdon (formerly Treweek) in a photograph taken by Ted Simkin (c1938). [ABOVE] Winnie Logsdon (formerly Treweek) and her husband George Logsdon  in a photograph taken by Ted Simkin (c1938). The couple are pictured with Muriel Hughes (standing on right), her cousin and close friend.
Winnie Treweek and George Logsdon

Winifred Treweek (known by friends and family as 'Winnie') was born in the East London district of Bethnal Green in 1915, the second eldest child of Emma Ann Kershaw and Christopher Henry Treweek, a worker in a cardboard factory.

Winnie Treweek was very close to her cousin Muriel Hughes (born 1914, Hackney, London), a daughter of her mother's younger sister, Mrs Elizabeth 'Nell' Hughes (formerly Kershaw). Winnie and Muriel were friends as teenagers and as young women and continued their friendship into late middle-age.

In 1937, when she was In her early twenties, Winnie Treweek married George Logsdon (born 1913, Shoreditch, London), the son of George Logsdon senior, a cabinet maker. The union of Winnie Treweek and George Logsdon produced two daughters - Brenda Logsdon (born 1943) and Janet Logsdon (born 1950).

George and Winnie Logsdon spent the early years of their marriage in East London, but they later moved to Romford, Essex.

In 1964, Winnie and George's eldest daughter  Brenda Logsdon married John W. Gregory.

[LEFT] Winnie Logsdon (formerly Treweek) sitting on the shoulders of her husband George Logsdon in the centre of this group photograph. Winnie's cousin and close friend Muriel Hughes is sitting on the shoulders of her future husband Ted Simkin (standing on the right of the picture). Mrs Winnie Logsdon (née Treweek) remained close to Mrs Muriel Simkin (née Hughes) throughout her life.

[ABOVE] Janet Logsdon (born 1950, Hackney, London), the youngest daughter Winnie and George Logsdon.


[ABOVE] The wedding of Brenda Logsdon and John Gregory at Romford, Essex, in 1964. Brenda Logsdon (born 1943) was the eldest daughter of George & Winnie Logsdon. Janet Logsdon stands 4th from right.  [Wedding Photograph taken by 'Hambleton's of 3 Western Road, Romford, Essex].

[ABOVE] Winifred 'Winnie' Logsdon (formerly Treweek) and George Logsdon, the parents of the bride.

[ABOVE] A family snap of John Gregory and his bride Brenda Logsdon, Winnie and George Logsdon's eldest daughter. The couple were married at a church in Romford, Essex, in 1964. [ABOVE]'Winnie' Logsdon (formerly Treweek) photographed with her cousin and close friend Muriel Simkin (formerly Hughes) on Canvey Island in 1963. Winnie Logsdon holds her pet poodle 'Dandy'.

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